This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating remarkable women! We put the call out to find out more about the inspiring and talented women in our community – our mums, teachers, bosses, friends and more.
We've profiled 5 women, as nominated by you! They'll each also receive a Highpoint prize pack valued at $500.



Tracey is a community leader, dedicating over 30 years of work to making a difference in the Aboriginal community. She’s worked across child protection, the justice system, and the health sector, as well as providing support for families in need. Tracey says she finds her job incredibly rewarding, and knew that this was the right career for her because of how it made her feel. She enjoys being a leader (and a mum!), and is passionate about better outcomes for her community.



Katherine is a dedicated maternal and child health care nurse, passionate about women’s health. She runs a local clinic where she works with many refugee and new resident women, going above and beyond to provide support for their newborns and families.



In addition to raising her own family, Antonella is a dedicated foster carer with her best friend, having opened up her home to children, teens and others in need. Described by her daughter as ‘truly selfless’, Antonella has given support to many families struggling with disadvantage, fostering children as young as 6 months.



At 70 years old, Esta is a dedicated mother and grandmother, all while continuing her work at a hospital. For the past 10 years, Esta has also dedicated her weekends to baking and cooking homemade meals for the elderly and homeless, and has a true love of helping others.



Pamela is passionate about wellness and sustainability, something which she brings to her work as a hair stylist with a love of eco-friendly beauty and hair. A firm believer in giving back, she prepares and delivers care packages to those in need in her spare time, as well as volunteering with a local youth group.