Shop safe at Highpoint.
We’ve implemented policies and procedures to ensure our community can move safely through the centre. We have been working closely with the Victorian Government and Department of Health and Human Services following their advice and building on safety measures to ensure we’re doing the best that we can by our customer. 

We all have a responsibility to make sure social distancing and increased personal hygiene is adhered to while outside the home.

As of 11:59pm Wednesday 22 July, wearing a face covering when leaving home will now be required for people living in metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire. For more details including what classifies as a face covering, instructions on how to properly wear a face covering, and when you do and don’t need to wear one can be found on the Department of Health and Human Services Website.

Some of the extra steps we’ve taken here at Highpoint include;  
Free Hand Sanitiser: you’ll find hand sanitser stations at major entry points, near food precincts, and close to bathrooms. These are filled several times a day with alcohol based hand sanitiser.  
Additional Cleaning: we have increased cleaning in high traffic areas by specialty COVID trained sanitisation staff. They are working hard to provide a safe and clean environment for our customers. Frequently touched surfaces (eg. hand rails/ lift buttons), food courts, and entrances/ exits are sanitised several times throughout the day with alcohol based sanitiser and disposable paper towels. In addition to this, high frequency visits have been implemented to ensure toilet amenities are cleaned and maintained for public health and safety with additional cleaning processes such as sanitises stream cleaning and floor cleaning using hospital grade disinfected. 
Social Distancing: increased signage, floor markers, queuing solutions, and supplying retailers with the tools required to manage store capacity numbers are currently in place. We also have trained Security and Guest Services staff patrolling the centre to make sure our customers are following social distancing measures to help keep everyone safe.  
Increased Security: we have increased Security Officers throughout the centre who collaborate closely with the Victorian Protective Service Officers to help keep everyone safe.  
Events & Activities: as an additional safety measure, we have postponed all events and activities which may draw crowds to the centre. We have also closed the Kids Play areas in centre following advice from the DHHS. 
Supporting Our Retailers: every Highpoint retailer has been supplied with free signage, educational material, and a retailer portal to keep up to date with centre announcements. We trust our retailers to monitor their store capacity to keep everyone safe. 
Pop Up COVID Testing Site: as a community service, we have partnered with the Victorian Government & the DHHS to host a drive through COVID-19 Testing Site at Highpoint. Please note that you must return home after being tested. For more information click here.  
We’ll continue to work with the Department of Health & Human Services, the Victorian Government, and our retailers to monitor the situation so you can continue to access essential products and services. 

If you are feeling unwell, please follow the advice from the Department of Health & Human Services and remain in isolation. 
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